Easter Gift Ideas for Dad

As Easter is approaching, you may decide to make a list of the people you would like to acknowledge, allowing them to know how much you care. On this list, your dad should be at the top. But what can you buy a dad for Easter? Here are some ideas.

Is dad a techno lover? You could buy him a new Mp3 player and load it with some of his favorite songs.

Does dad enjoy sports? If he is in baseball or other spring or summer sporting activity, you could try to get him tickets to see his favorite players in action.

Does dad enjoy taking part in any sports personally? Does he fish? Does he hunt? Could he use some new equipment?

Does dad enjoy gardening? You could buy him some new tools, like a sturdy hammer.

Would dad enjoy taking part in a new hobby? You could buy him some tools and equipment to take up said hobby. (Painting, carpentry, golf).

Does dad enjoy the local newspaper or a certain magazine? You could buy him a subscription.

Does dad have a favorite store (whether it is a sporting store or hardware store)? You could always buy him a gift certificate to this favorite store.

Does dad have a favorite knife he carries around with him? Is it beginning to look dull or old? Why not get him a new knife, such as Swiss Army knife that contains other cool things to such as corkscrew, can opener, both small and large cutting blades. Some may even include tweezers and scissors, too.

Does dad get lost a lot and hate to ask for directions? Why not get him a GPS system that can help him map the way anywhere. It also would be a great idea to teach him the basics about using it.

How does dad's wallet look? Does it look like it has seen better days? Why not buy him a new one or a different type. Some men have found that they are in love with the way a dress pocket wallet easily sets in their back pocket. Most also have many places to store all those credit cards and ID cards that you dad may carry.

Does dad enjoy wine? Why not buy him a bottle of his favorite vintage or better yet introduce him to new wine.

How does dad's watch look? Does it look worn and tired? Why not buy him a new one that not only keeps great time but also looks fashionable, too.

Dads are important people. They sometimes are gruff or too quiet. But they still make their mark on our lives. Show dad how much you care by giving a great Easter present this year.