Stay At Home Dads Could Save You $59,260 A Year

By Garreth MacNamee 

Think dad’s taxi and his handyman services don’t cost a thing?

Think again, because stay-at-home dads could be worth up to $59,260 USD a year.

That’s right. All those lifts to the cinema and kickabouts in the park add up if you were to pay someone else to do it.


According to a survey by Caledonian Life, there are over 10,000 fathers staying in the family home while their wives or girlfriends are out working.

While they can’t tot up the emotional value of having your dad at on home, the firm say that they can estimate the value of the odd jobs done around the house.

Hiring your own cook could cost you up to $13 an hour while getting 10 trips a week for the school run would set you back a fortune with your local taxi driver.

But thankfully, dad is around to drop you off wherever you need to go.

And let’s not forget all that cleaning.

You throw all your dirty washing into this magical basket and somehow it comes back clean and folded and in your wardrobe.

This isn’t the work of magical cleaning fairies, even if your dad might tell you this, it’s actually all his own doing.

And if you were to pay for the service, it could set you back an eye-watering  $559 a month.

What about all those sports activities?

We’re sure it’s far from his thoughts that he’s training the Roy Keane or Katie Taylor of the future, but he’s still breaking a sweat for free.

A professional dishing out that sort of strenuous exercise could hit your wallet for $19 an hour, adding up to a massive $395 a month.

It all adds up so there’s no surprise that the nation’s doting dads are worth the guts of $59,260 a year.

Joe Charles of Caledonian Life explains how our legion of great dads is contributing so much to the family home.

He said: “CSO figures reveal that there are at least 10,150 men in Ireland who would classify themselves as “stay at home Dads” – although it is expected that in reality there are many more than this figure as some may have not necessarily categorised themselves as this in the Census 2011.

“We have endeavoured in some way to demonstrate how costly it would be to replace the stay at home Dad, and the jobs he does in the home and for his children. We have outlined some of the “top jobs” Dads in the home would do on a weekly basis and the average costs associated with these.”

But the insurance company are urging parents to think about their future if they couldn’t perform all these tasks and the money it could cost you.

Mr Charles added: “Our experience would suggest that both stay at home Moms and Dads tend to undervalue or worse still, actually place no monetary value on their role.


“As such, they do not plan or think about how their family would cope financially if anything were to happen to them, such as a serious illness or indeed worse again, die suddenly.

Of course none of us like to think about our mortality or health too often.

“Caledonian Life say that for men especially, the Life assurance market has never seen better value due to increased competition, coupled with the impact of the Gender Directive, both of which have driven prices for Life cover down.”

He cooks, he cleans, drives you to school and does the laundry but the stay at home dad doesn’t charge a red cent.

Imagine having to fork out every time a hot dinner was plonked on the family table.

Let’s see how much that would set you back:

•A cook who dishes out 10 times a week would get a $10 an hour.

•Dad’s child-minding service would cost you $11.33 an hour, costing $283.13 a week.

•And all that expert homework help should cost $131 a week but thankfully dad does it for free.

•Having a mechanic on hand to fix up the house could cost you the guts $72.43 a week, hammering the family’s fortunes by $3,766 a year.