About | Louise McKenzie


Louise McKenzie is a lifestyle entrepreneur, branding and business strategist and Editor-In-Chief and co- founder of both Every Little Thing! Birth & Beyond 360 Online Magazine and Every Thing For Dads, the online family lifestyles magazines, as well as AME Media & PR a niche media company.  She is also co-founder of the entrepreneurial lifestyle hub www.insidelife360.com  which provides fresh news, strategies, solutions, support and lifestyle possibilities for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs and where she co-hosts the i-Radio show Inside Life 360.

Louise is a proud mom of seven children (from 3 to 19 years old) who has linked her drive in business with her passion to educate the benefit of being a positive role model for work and life balance, to show and share how to create wealth and time freedom enabling individuals to take control of their destiny, and helping them to live their dream lifestyle. Read more about her here.