Your hosts, Jim and Louise McKenzie are parents of 7, former lawyers, social entrepreneurs and the founders of AME Media & PR, the leading PR, marketing promotions and multi-media agency for grassroots marketing and networking for and to modern parents.

Their passion for being parents inspired them, under the umbrella of AME, to create Birth And Beyond in 2009, one of the first online magazines with an emphasis on inclusive modern parenting that collected content from some of the very best experts and writers in the field globally, and developed into an initiative that has brought thousands of involved and modern families of all types quality news, media and informational articles.

The only website and magazine to also include and talk to dads as well as moms from its launch it gained a huge community of fathers which by 2014 had to be given its own space. Everything For is and was the first parent media newsroom website with an emphasis on dads, a network collecting content from a national network of member blogs and impactful trending news in the US and globally.

It was under Everything For that Jim and Louise were able to draw together their various “dad-centric” projects (The Daddy & Family Magazine; Everything For Dads i-Radio Shows; Daily Dad Newspaper; annual Mega Dad Awards; annual Daddy & Family Expo; daily Newsfeeds and Articles and The Everything For Dads Foundation) into a successful laser-focused hub a that has created a truly modern hub promoting better and healthier lifestyles for modern dads and families. See Jim’s Press Kit at

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