The Inside Life 360 Show™ is a news magazine show with rich content covering current issues and news items and interviews with experts and commentators on various topics as well as people who are making a positive difference in the lives of others. The show also features dynamic and interesting businesses experts and organizations.

To do this, the hosts, Jim and Louise McKenzie and their various guests, delve into the breaking news and issues that impact everyday living, and find the stories of real folks doing amazing things.

Covering today's hottest topics that impact everyday living, The Inside Life 360 Show™ helps everyday people in a format that's fast-paced, informative, down-to-earth and entertaining.


Jim and Louise McKenzie, are social entrepreneurs who founded AME Media and PR, a promotional businesses that that has grown via the creation of an enormous grassroots movement that has connected hundreds of organizations, business and groups across the USA and beyond, via magazines, blogs, and events. They are founders of Birth And Beyond Magazine.com and Everything For Dads.com the pre-eminent news and media parenting hub websites that have international reach and a network collecting content from a national network of member blogs and impactful trending news in the US and globally. (also see http://www.everythingfordads.com/jim-mckenzies-press-kit ).

They are parents to seven children from ages 18 down to two years old who they have raised together whilst running and growing their business!


So you’ll find an open source of valuable news and information on current issues, lifestyle, and personal stories that impact your lives and family in a way that you can connect with. We’re covering everything from serious news and issues that impact how we really live in the 21st Century to the funny and entertaining- from politics, education, to shopping, sport…and very often the downright strange! Our panel of experts will be here to answer and discuss your questions on every issue you need. We would love to feature your point of view, news and questions on the show!


If there is a story that you’d like to tell the world, or you’d like to be a roving news reporter for Parents Newsroom™ , please fill out the form on this page, follow us on Twitter and tweet to us @InsideLife360 [https://twitter.com/insidelife360] or emailnewsandeditorial@amemediagroup.com For a full list of contact details click here and for full details about how to be a guest on the show click here.

Show Themes Include:                

News and current events

Health and Wellness

Entrepreneurship and Business

Parenting and Education