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Thank You for inquiring about Sponsorship Opportunities for the Every Little Thing! Healthy Family Expo & Festival 2016.

Who We Are

AME Media & PR is the leading PR, marketing promotions and multi-media agency for grassroots marketing and networking for and to modern parents, our having created the successful online magazines, events and multi- media for parents. Under the umbrella of AME Media & PR was formed Every Little Thing! Birth and Beyond 360™, one of the first ‘flip’ online magazines that has been at the forefront of modern parenting publications for over 6 years.

In 2014 we created our parent media newsroom website with an emphasis on dads, a network collecting content from member blogs and impactful trending news in the US and globally.

Every Little Thing! Birth and Beyond 360 Magazine™ and Daddy and Family Magazine™ and the associated blogs, social media ,multi-media and live events have engaged thousands of involved and engaged parents and families via contributions from writers, experts, celebrities and regular parents from all over the world.

We have created THE ONLY truly grassroots oriented PR and media hub via this process, and use our magazines, events and now i-radio programs to promote a social enterprise that enables companies and organizations to better connect and engage with modern family consumers.

We are a national network and hub with deep local roots.

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About The Founders

Jim and Louise McKenzie, are devoted working multi-cultural parents of 7 home birthed children ranging from 18 to 2 years of age. They are expert marketers in the field of grassroots marketing to family consumers, having drawn upon their 20 years plus experience as entrepreneurs in several countries, publishers, parenting experts, child advocates – and most importantly as parents of a brace of children to create a special community in this market space.

As experts in the field, Jim and Louise’s works has received recognition from the Washington DC - based national organization Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, who asked them as 6KidsNFit to join their nationwide foundation, as partners working with over 100 major nationwide companies, in a unified front to tackle the child obesity epidemic. In addition Jim and Louise received a community award from the National Heart and Lung Institute for their health and wellness work and programs that have helped hundreds of families to achieve healthier lifestyles.

So Jim and Louise are a unique force in this market space, their having brought mass and popular appeal to a diverse global community of parents that is truly unprecedented. Their following has grown exponentially (not by using traditional short term gimmicks and special offers) but through the creation of valuable content and the nurturing of an involved global community of modern parents, family-oriented businesses, health and wellness influencers, and interest groups.

About The Every Little Thing! Healthy Family Expo & Festival

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The Every Little Thing! Healthy Family Expo & Festival 2016 featuring and showcasing 90+ exhibitors, vendors, speakers, presenters and activity participants featuring products and services in family health and wellness solutions for all whole family produced in a fun and entertaining format. Our entertainment partners are set to provide plenty of amazing entertainment to keep attendees happy all day long!

We have various excellent sponsorship opportunities to see and be seen and put your business in front of over a 1,500 plus attendees and attract new customers including Sponsorship Zones, Activities and Special Promotions as well as the ability to address our attendees via customized workshops, presentation and demos.

Our Reach

Our expos have received local and national media coverage, ( in addition to which they are supported by our long established parenting magazines and network of 3,000 plus mom and dad bloggers, Facebook Groups, meet up groups as well as the PTAs of Orange County and Florida and well as our partner businesses.  

Because of our deep local roots we have over 200 committed businesses who we have brought together to create a hub for the continual promotion and growth of each other’s products and services through word of mouth as well as via social media as well as the continual promotion of the upcoming expo.

Contact Us

Sponsors choose an existing package or let us customize to best fit your needs and budget. Contact Louise McKenzie for your full Sponsorship Information Kit at or call Louise directly on 407 574 5847.

Details: Sunday, April 3rd, 2016, Load In Time 9:30 am same day. Event Time: 11:00 a.m.- 4:00 pm, The Rachel D. Murrah Civic Center; 1050 West Morse Boulevard, Winter Park, FL 32789