Outdoor Market - Mama's Milky Way

Mama's Milky Way

I got the name MamasMilkyWay because I used to be a CLC {Certified Lactation Counselor} and counsel and help women breastfeed their babies! It was and is such a passion of mine. I still love to help mamas any way that I can. Now, that I am able to be a stay-at-home mama with my second son, I started my own little creative, craft/sewing hobby and love to sell what I make. I wanted to keep the email address I made back almost 10 years ago and continue using MamasMilkyWay because of the meaning behind it. 

I am also very passionate about Natural Birth {VBAC Mama here} && Babywearing! I make wraps and ring slings as well! Very strong, safe quality for mama and baby to stay close, as they should! :)

I hope you love the things I create for mama & baby!