The Dads Speakers Bureau - Terms and Conditions Applicable Upon Payment Of Admin Fee as at June 1 2013

1)      The Bureau agrees to list the speaker under the conditions stated below for a period of one year from the date of this contract. The services are free save as otherwise stipulated.

2)      The Bureau agrees to represent the services of the speaker in an honest and forthright manner. The Speaker agrees to assist the Bureau in marketing the Speaker's services by supplying appropriate marketing materials as required and as available. These materials must be Bureau Friendly by displaying only the contact information for the Bureau.

3)      The Bureau agrees to perform all booking required for engagements booked through the Bureau.

4)      For each speaking engagement booked for the Speaker by the Dads Bureau which involves a fee, the Speaker agrees that the Bureau will retain a thirty per cent (20%) fee . Fees do not apply to expenses.

5)      The agreed fee to the Speaker will be paid by the Bureau immediately upon receipt of said fees from the booking client. Any and all claimable reasonable expenses that form part of the booking contract must be submitted as soon as possible after the event. Such claims must be itemized with copies of original receipts included.  Travel Insurance is not a valid expense.

6)      The Speaker agrees that any client booked through the Bureau belongs to the Bureau. Any future bookings with said client are subject to a commission at the regular rate.

7)      Any consulting contracts resulting from a Bureau booking is subject to a 10 % commission payable to the Bureau by the Speaker.

8)      The Speaker is forbidden from selling product during the engagement without prior written consent of the Bureau and the booking client.

9)      Any leads generated by the Speaker that result in bookings through the Bureau for another Speaker will entitle the Speaker generating the lead to a five per cent (5% ) portion of the commission payable on said engagement.

10)     The parties agree that the Speaker is an independent contractor. The Bureau shall not be held responsible in any way for the Speaker's acts, omissions, statements or any commitment made by the Speaker.

11)   If this agreement is signed by a representative of the Speaker, signing this agreement warrants that he/she is the duly authorized representative of the Speaker.

12)   The Speaker agrees to deliver to the expectations of the booking client. The Speaker agrees that they represent a quality service product and that if they fail to deliver said quality service product to the satisfaction of the client, the Speaker waives all right to payment of any kind if applicable.

13)   If, for any reason, the booking client is not satisfied with the Speaker and refuses to pay for the engagement, the Bureau is in no way responsible for payment of any kind.

14)   The Speaker is expected to meet the exact terms of the booking contract in respect to time, date and location. If, for unforeseen circumstances, the Speaker is unable to honor the commitment he/she must work with the Bureau to provide a suitable replacement.

15)   The Speaker will at all times conduct themselves with dignity and integrity.

16)    Please Note that we cannot guarantee that you will receive bookings throughout the currency of your membership, but that we will use our best endeavors to promote you whenever the opportunity arises via our connections. The admin fee is non-refundable in any event as it covers website, maintenance and publication fees

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