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Reshaping Your Body: Learn How To Get Back In Shape After Having A Baby In 5 Easy Steps

Celebrities are known for seemingly snapping back from their pregnancies in what seems like record time. This puts a lot of pressure on regular women who wonder why their bodies don’t seem to be doing the same thing. The truth is that returning to your pre-pregnancy body immediately isn’t realistic and trying to make it happen in a couple of weeks or months isn’t healthy. However, there are ways to safely improve your fitness and appearance.

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What Comes Before Conception? Your Health

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting times of your life, though there are some things that you need to get an order in advance. Preparation for a baby should start months before you are even considering trying. While it is nice to think things like where the baby might sleep, baby’s first outfit, which small cuddly toy is going the cot, and which top of the range pushchair will fit in the back of your car – there are actually some more practical things then you should do for you first.

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The Baby Buffet: Foods You CAN Eat While Pregnant

When we’re pregnant, it can feel as though we’re not allowed to breathe without scrutiny. Our bodies stop being our own, and everyone has their opinions on what we should and shouldn’t put into them. Even once baby arrives, those of us who are breastfeeding face even longer lists of what we CAN’T do. The good news is, you might not have to deprive yourself as much as you think. While some things, like alcohol, are forever off the pregnancy to-do list, others aren’t as set in stone as we believe. For proof, we’re going to look at some foods you may have been avoiding which are an option for you after all.

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